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About the Infant journal

Infant journal covers a wide range of subjects that reflects the varied roles of the professionals working in this area. Practical and clinically based, Infant supports neonatal and infant paediatric nursing and medical practice and develops professional education and health promotion skills.

You can browse the issues or search for key topics online.

Infant provides a valuable resource for everyone involved in caring for premature babies and critically ill infants. Technological developments and their impact on care are discussed, as well as the social and psychological issues relating to family support and child development.

Infant has a board of distinguished advisors whose experience and knowledge ensures that articles carried in the journal are factually correct, topical and relevant for all readers. All articles published in Infant are subject to peer review in order to guarantee that all content meets the highest standards.

Planned articles

September 2015
  • Implementing the tortoise fluidised positioning system into clinical practice
  • Challenges in donor breast milk banking
  • Identifying latent risks through in situ simulation training to improve patient safety
  • Breastfeeding how do they do it? Infant sucking, swallowing and breathing
  • Development of guidelines to support parents with loss from a multiple pregnancy
  November 2015
  • Minimally invasive surfactant therapy
  • Nasal prongs in high flow therapy
  • Autism spectrum disorders in the preterm population
  • Maintaining competencies in airway clearance techniques
  • Healthcare assistants in the NICU
  • IV fluid requirements in preterm babies
  • Predicting outcome in neonatal encephalopathy
  January 2016
  • Practical management of the neonatal surgical patient
  • Impact of IVF on the NICU
  • Fat necrosis in cooled neonates
  • Transfusion-associated NEC
  • Genetic tests for the diagnosis of neonatal syndromes
  • Low flow oxygen management and weaning
  • Managing neonatal pain
  • Training nursery nurses to look after high dependency infants
Regular features
  • Editorial
  • Case reports
  • Review articles
  • Clinical practice articles

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