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Conferences and study days

Here is a list of forthcoming meetings, conferences and study days. To add your event to the list simply fill in our online form. To correct an entry please contact or telephone (01279) 714508

Comprehensive details of neonatal and paediatric study days and conferences are published bimonthly in Infant Grapevine, along with all the latest jobs. If you would like to receive a copy free-of-charge in the U.K., then please fill out our request form.

February, 2017
27, Mon Paediatric Rare Disease Conference
March, 2017
2 to 4, Thurs to Sat N&G 2017
7, Tues Innovations in Neonatal Nurse Training and Development
7, Tues Optimising Neurological Outcomes Study Day
8, Weds Seventh Annual Clinical Day
8, Weds Neonatal Developmental Care and Parent Empowerment
9 to 10, Thurs to Fri Luton Neonatal Respiratory Conference
14, Tues When a Child Dies - Supporting Parents and Family Members
16, Thurs Neonatal Therapeutic Hypothermia Multidisciplinary Study Day
21 to 22, Tues to Weds Touchpoints Training
21 to 22, Tues to Weds Touchpoints
22 to 24, Weds to Fri Neonatal Cranial Ultrasound: The Basics and Advanced
23, Thurs Cardiac Care Study Day
23, Thurs National Paediatric and Neonatal Symposium
24, Fri Delivering Developmentally Supportive Family Centred Care
27 to 28, Mon to Tues NeoSAVE
28, Tues Preterm Breastfeeding Study Day
30 to 31, Thurs to Fri British Maternal and Fetal Medicine Society Annual Conference
30, Thurs The Neonatal Society Spring Meeting
31, Fri Neo-Resus
April, 2017
20 to 21, Thurs to Fri Neonatal Behavioural Assessment Scale
20 to 21, Thurs to Fri Neonatal Behavioural Assessment Scale
24 to 26, Mon to Weds First World Congress on Maternal Fetal Neonatal Medicine: from Periconception to Early Infancy
26, Weds When a Child Dies - Supporting Parents and Family Members
May, 2017
2 to 4, Tues to Thurs Neonatal Ventilation
4 to 5, Thurs to Fri Newborn Behavioural Observations
4, Thurs Neonatal cranial ultrasound course: the essentials
9, Tues The Challenges of Supporting Parents through the Neonatal Experience
9, Tues Baby Friendly Initiative Neonatal Conference
10 to 13, Weds to Sat ESPGHAN Annual Meeting
17, Weds Supporting Parents through Pregnancy Loss and the Death of a Baby
19, Fri Swansea Perinatal Symposium
22, Mon SNNG Annual Conference
23, Tues Paediatric Post Mortem
24 to 26, Weds to Fri RCPCH Annual Conference
25 to 26, Thurs to Fri Neonatal Cranial Ultrasound Course
June, 2017
2 to 3, Fri to Sat Bayley Scales of Infant and Toddler Development
6 to 9, Tues to Fri ESPNIC 2017
7 to 10, Weds to Sat Eighth Europaediatrics Congress
8, Thurs N3 Study Day
8 to 10, Thurs to Sat Annual Inernational Neonatal Conference
8, Thurs Begin Before Birth
8, Thurs 4th National Neonatal Nutritional Study Day
29 to 30, Thurs to Fri The Neonatal Society Summer Meeting
July, 2017
2 to 4, Sun to Tues REaSoN 2017
7 to 9, Fri to Sun International Neonatology Association Conference
August, 2017
31 to 2, Thurs to Sat Transport of High Risk Infants
September, 2017
26 to 27, Tues to Weds Sixth Annual Neonatal Simulation Conference
October, 2017
16 to 17, Mon to Tues SIGNEC UK International Conference
November, 2017
9 to 10, Thurs to Fri Neonatal Cranial Ultrasound Course
9, Thurs The Neonatal Society Autumn Meeting
16 to 17, Thurs to Fri Paediatric and Neonatal Echocardiography
22 to 23, Weds to Thurs Baby Friendly Initiative Annual Conference
27 to 1, Mon to Fri Neonatal Update 2017: The Science of Newbor Care

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