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Articles published in 2010

January 2010

  • Pandemic influenza
  • Congenital lung malformations
  • Neonatal resuscitation
  • The benefits of newborn screening in cystic fibrosis

March 2010

  • Toolkit for High-quality Neonatal Services
  • Financial and emotional impact of in utero transfers
  • The role of the neonatal nurse in promoting parental attachment in the NICU
  • The challenges of feeding a preterm baby

May 2010

  • Lactation and mother's milk
  • Sex determination
  • Staff awareness of infant behavioural cues
  • iNO Care - European Inhaled Nitric Oxide Registry

July 2010

  • Respiratory support in the neonate: new approaches
  • Cooling for neonatal encephalopathy in 2010
  • The Newborn Early Warning System
  • Growing skull fracture
  • The safe use of iv gentamicin

September 2010

  • Electrolytes and parenteral nutrition
  • Management of neonatal hypotension
  • Visual arts programme
  • Intussusception case report
  • Taking aid to the Gambia

November 2010

  • Vitamin D deficiency in mothers and infants
  • Noise exposure during transport
  • Surfactant, mechanical ventilation or CPAP?
  • Neonatal cranial ultrasonography

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