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Pall Medical

Contact details

Address: 5 Harbourgate Business Park, Southampton Road, Portsmouth, PO6 4BQ, U.K.

Telephone: 023 9233 8000

Fax: 023 9233 8210

Email: biosvc@pall.com

Web: www.pall.com


Architecture/Interior Design
QPoint tap water filter The QPoint Tap Water Filter Assembly complements Pall’s well-established advanced point-of-use filter programme against waterborne pathogens, offering enhanced features, improved performance, and a longer capsule life of up to 62 days.

Infusion Devices

IV Equipment & Accessories
Nanodyne Pall have now validated the 0.2µm positively charged nylon membrane of their ELD96 and NEO96 filters for the retention of nano- particles, and rebranded them as NanodyneTM ELD and NanodyneTM NEO.

Parenteral Feeding

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